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On September 1, 2007, the business operations of MacLamor were transferred to SJA Technologies. Please contact SJA for support at 8456519010. See SJA's web site for more info.

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MacLamor offers computer and network design, installation and support services for small and medium–sized businesses and non–profits.

Why engage a consultant? The ever–swifter pace of business puts pressure on all organizations to keep up or fall behind. It’s like surfing –– you’re either on top of the wave or submerged beneath it. The pace of technology is, if anything, even faster. This is great for organizations that can use technology to competitive advantage, but managing and integrating that technology creates headaches, especially for small and medium–sized firms.

Key questions faced by managers today include:

  •  How do I make the best use of my investment in information technology?
  •  What precautions do I need to take against viruses and other threats?
  •  How can I manage the flood of paper in the organization?
  •  I can’t spend hours on the phone with tech support. Who can I call when something breaks?
  •  Can wireless networking make our organization more productive?

Answering questions like these is where MacLamor can help. We offer design advice, training, installation and ongoing support for organizations from 4 to 104 users. We specialize in Windows, networking and popular applications like GoldMine and Office. Think of us as your part–time information technology staff.

There are lots of computer experts out there; why should you choose MacLamor?

  • First, we are consultants, not resellers. We do not sell hardware or software, only services. This frees us to recommend the solution which best fits your needs.

  • Second, we speak the language of business as well as "geekspeak", as we call it. We listen to you and develop a solution that helps you meet your business objectives.

  • Third, we tailor our service offerings to your needs. You can put us on retainer, pre–purchase blocks of time, get a fixed–price quote for a project or pay as you go.

  • Fourth, we understand that we can’t be experts at everything. That’s why we’ve built a network of people who can help you in other areas: web site design and maintenance, web and e–mail hosting, credit card processing and document management.

That’s why we say we provide "Computing Solutions That Work – For You".


Last updated  07/15/08